Life’s A Journey, Not A Destination #2

“You have been accepted in the Erasmus program to study at UNINT University ….”, that was the beginning of my journey in Rome.

The days and months were passing very slowly and my excitement was impatient waiting for the 11th of September to come (Day of the flight). I couldn’t be any happier than while writing my packing checklist and to do list in Rome. Preparations were a bit overwhelming when it comes to travel documents but my enthusiasm for the experience would pay it off.

Landing in Ciampino Airport, seeing the Italian words everywhere…“ I made it, Haha’’:

 Me, being content.

Waking up in Rome but not being able to enjoy it because of the urgent research of the rent. Every next day was a race against time to contact the highest number of  house owners, to visit houses and rent agencies. Things were not as easy as expected, the language difference and the required documents were a big obstacle. Trying to change the disappointment at the end of the day while coming back to the hotel to get motivation, was my mission every day. The seventh day, I made it. How? No clue, just me repeating the same sentence every time I meet an owner: “Sono erasmus studenti…”.

Being able to see all the neighborhoods of Rome without visiting the Colosseum was a bit weird for me but I was proud to accomplish the first task and ready for the next.

Having a non certified vaccine from Morocco was the reason for me discovering new places in Rome such as: ASL 1, 2…, hospitals, vaccine centers, medical centers, Agenzia delle entrate… Every new day was me trying to follow the procedure on the salutelazio website but unfortunately, the reality was another world full of: “ Mi dispiace ma questo non è il posto giusto, devi andare a…”

Another disappointment came up mixed with anger but trying to have a dominant hope every new morning.

Last week of September was my lucky week. I decided to go to the first vaccine center that the bus passes by and do it despite their rules. Guess what? It worked! My happiness was unbelievable that day but it stopped for a moment when I remembered my next mission which is opening an Italian bank account.

A new sunny day comes up, always keeping a smile on the face, the day’s to do list and here we go.”Buongiorno, vorrei aprire un conto in banca per favore in quanto studente fuori sede”, ”ci dispiace non forniamo alcun servizio per i non residenti, servirà almeno il permesso di soggiorno”.

For two continuous weeks, this was the answer or if not: ”Mi dispiace, parlo solo italiano. L’unica persona che parla inglese non è qui ”. I was glad to have the chance to get to know the different banks in the Italian financial sector, in addition to the number of their agencies in Rome.

While there is life, there is hope” a saying of Stephen Hawking that I always believe in and that actually works. By mid October, I was able to make my bank card using my few words of italian.

But while impatiently waiting for it, I discovered that it was sent to my home address in Morocco instead of Italy -unbelievable but real-. Few days after coming and going to my second home called Bank agency, I made it to get a second card.

That was supposed to be a happy ending, I guess! No, when it comes to Nisrine’s life, this is not the case (It takes a bit longer)! Imagine that the closest device to you that worked your whole life stopped while you were happily having your dinner (Motherboard no longer works).

Pretty interesting, but it unfortunately happens to what I call “Dear phone’’. Not only that, but you found out another close device that means the world to you was hacked, called “Dear laptop’’. This was another great chance to get to know the different centro di riparazione in Rome.

The happy ending is always my goal. It worked, believe me! Energy and Persistence can conquer all things..

To be continued….

Nisrine Ichou