Altaroma S/S 2021- Courtesy of Daniele Trasatti

Altaroma – Rome Fashion Week S/S 2021

The Roman catwalk was ready for the Spring/Summer edition of Altaroma.
Officially live on the Hotel D.O.M. roof top, on July 7th , the roman sunset was graciously surrounded by the creations of Maison Celestino, Natasha Pavluchenko, Abiddikkia by Giovanna Mandarano, Flavio Filippi, Victoria Torlonia and Missaki Couture.

Starting from the historical Maison Celestino, International Couture presented a collection dedicated to Luxury Beachwear and inspirated to the Emirates gem city, Abu Dhabi.

The collection featured summer vibes, elegance and classy alternatives for women who won’t give up style at seaside or near a cozy swimming-pool. The outfits, fifth-teen in total, mainly represented swimwear.

An oriental attitude shaded in gold, bronze, pastels and holographic nuances created an harmonious runaway surrounded by the roman sunset; the designers were embedded with gold encloses and the fabrics were cotton, linen and silk keeping up the maison  tradition of precious craftsmanship and timeless passion.

As the pattern may suggest, the Celestino’s woman is a fluid essence of grace and sophistication, up-to-date and self-conscious.

Continuing with Natasha Pavluchenko, (the designer remained active during quarantine and also developed  some interesting, unique masks during lockdown), her collection “Everlasting” represented a symbol of love, purity and eternity in a colorful interpose of messages.

As the designer recalls herself “I’ve always considered Altaroma Catwalks to be significative and inspirational not only in artistic terms but also in relation to the purpose they can carry; that’s why a catwalk is not fulfilled without the proper setting, the proper accessories and the proper music. The main color of the collection is pure white, the same color of my city “Bielsko-Biala” where I live and I create my pieces. As I strongly believe that a city is more than cement and bricks, it is a unique soul and a testimony of extraordinary events. One of the main inspiration I got from my city is Saint Stanislao Church, the most ancient site in there. Its frescos and geometric shapes are fundamental elements around which I designed my Everlasting collection aiming at exceptionality and dearness.”

Afterward Giovanna Mandarano, fashion designer for Abiddikkia, introduced for the International Couture her exclusive capsule collection  “From Panarea with love”. The collection has been developed in accordance with the artist Ilian Rachov, already acclaimed for his work for Versace.

The collection is formulated around the ideas of summer nights, Sicilian baroque and traditional Sicilian symbols such majolicas; a sum of intentional pledges to Sicily, the native land of the designer and her most vibrant source of inspiration.

The young couturier Flavio Filippi presented a collection intitled “Roxenne” and inspirated to Parisienne nights. Taking us back to the 30s, in a rich and flamboyant Paris, the designer elaborated an intriguing figure of elegance and sensuality. As nightlife was returning on the scene after the first World-War, Roxenne is strongly affirming the return of catwalks after more than a year of digital runaways.

According to the precious fabrics displayed on the outfits, such as silk, satin, duchesse, mikado, organdy and chiffon and playing between mystery and lust, the fifth teen pieces collection exhibited rebrodé in lace and crystals and cannetté. During the creation process, the designer wanted to focus on the relationship among refinement, hedonism and luxury featuring distinctive jewelry created in accordance with Gioielleria Baglioni.

As for the designer Victoria Torlonia, her taste was displayed during International Couture thanks to her collection “Naturae”. The selection of pieces was a combination of nature’s mildness and its mysterious essences: as we can image a nature surrounded by sun and vibrant tones, Naturae is a reflection, and a statement, of sustainability thanks to the implementation of natural garments such as pure silk, viscose, lace, organdy and cotton. Together with these premises, the collection is embellished by symbolic prints, with recurrent themes for the Brand. In the designer’s vision, the Torlonia’s woman is a feminine silhouette, who’s looking for stylish and charming options without forgetting environment concerns.

Finally, the collection couture by Missak Farassian, guest of the Italian-Lebanese Institute, called “Orchid” depicted a fascinated study of the feminine silhouette in accordance with the textures and colors carried by the flower protagonist of the couture selection. The Orchid is, in fact, the emblem of sophistication, beauty and luxury. All the outfits were embedded with precious stones and swarovski  together with classy laces and Lebanese inserts. 

Fanny Trivigno

Altaroma International Couture Press Release S/S 2021