Credits by Tonino Semeraro

Polish Embassy Gardens: among Music, Fashion, Food and Wine

During September 28th, the Polish Embassy Gardens in Rome hosted an international fashion event.

The fashion call has been made by the Embassies of France and Germany which presented the work by the deigner Natasha Pavluchenko. The collection has been developed around the two main cities which represent two relevant spots for the designer: Bielsko-Biala in Poland and Tursi-Matera in Basilicata, South of Italy.

The first pledge has been carried out for the city of Tursi-Matera, the second site meaningful for the designer. The title collection called “Maria Anglona” is a direct tribute to Saint Maria of Anglona; infact during her visits in Basilicata, the designer Natasha Pavluchenko has been positively impressed by the grace of the Anglona’s Virgin together with the the rural appearance of Saint Maria Maggiore in Rabatana and the small idyllic village of Tursi. According to the designer herself, the Pillar located in proximity of the major altar, established in 1700, inspired 10 among her collections.

The second collection, on the runaway, has been conceived as “Everlasting”.

Introduced during Altaroma International Couture- The Roman Sunset- Everlasting is a blend among taste, pureness and endless excellence: all attributes are strictly connect to the meaning of color white.

This shade, in fact, represents in the designer’s mind a recurrent theme in her original city, Bielsko Biala. The connection between this particular color, white, and the city of Biala (meaning “White” in practical terms) could probably be seen in the river Biala because of the peculiarity of its water clearness. Some historians, on the other hand, tend to associate the origin of the name to linen bleaching procedures.

Apart from fashion, the International night has been gladly supported by savoring and culinarian sampling activities involving French, German, Italian and Polish typical dishes, carefully elaborated for the occasion. The music department, composed by the trio “The ThreeX” from Bielso-Biala,  in order to harmoniously sustain the high execution of the night, performed several great composers moving from Beethoven and Smetana until Metallica and Morricone.

Fanny Trivigno


International Couture event manager & Press office Maria Christina Rigano