Credits: Gucci Garden Archetypes, May 2021

Imagination first, Gucci Garden is here

100 candles are quite enough for a human being but how about a Luxury Brand?
100 is just a number… you may say… Quite right.

Yet, an entire century passes through certain clothing attire and appealing gears. A good way to practically celebrate life, and lifestyle, would probably be an anniversary celebration like Gucci accomplished just few days ago.

In fact, the Florence-based Maison arranged an innovative, eclectic new exhibition with the sponsorship of Kering group.

The Gucci Garden – Archetypes – is a project with a multimedia nature: knowledge, heritage, street art and a bit of decadence. The undertaking has been developed by Alessandro Michele, creative director of the Gucci Maison since 2015. The exhibition is actually guested in Piazza della Signoria under- not technically- the starring sky of Florence. From Tokyo to LA, to the sprightly spring of ‘68, the project management has a clever standpoint through time, style and broadcasting: the set are indeed inspiring and visionary. Like a carousel of past campaigns, the exposition is a mythical catwalk of intergalactic explorations, horses, dancer, aliens and seraphs.

Gucci Garden Archetypes is already like an old song that will never be out-of-style.

And, furthermore, according to the official Maison webpage there is a concreate possibility to not miss the masterpiece display thanks to the possibility of virtual tours. Lately, the Maison co-worked together with Roblox- a gaming platform- in order to export virtually the Gucci Garden experience starting on May 17th, for two weeks.

“Thanks to this virtual gallery, inspirates by the last Gucci campaigns, the virtual public would be so much encouraged into this kaleidoscopic experience to be join together with its harmonies and collisions” mentioned a Gucci family spokesperson.

Would you like to take part to the Fashion jolt?

Fanny Trivigno