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Cracow Fashion Awards 2021

In Poland, the fashion wheel is starting to shift again, with a motivation and inspiring pace.
Just few days ago, in fact, Cracow hosted the SAPU Fashion School Awards.
The institution, the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design is one of the most famous academic establishment in Poland.

Training and schooling young generations from around the worlds in fashion design, footwear, accessories, stylists and visual merchandisers, the academy proposes yearly an innovative study program, the aforementioned SAPU. Thanks to this particular contribution, graduates may aspire, and eventually achieve, many international successes.

There is also the possibility, offered by the Fashion College at SAPU, of studying fashion design in English in order to embrace not only the domestic demand but also the one from multinational students.
The SAPU diploma show was watched by journalists and critics from the largest Polish media. Among the organizers, it is imperative to mention Szkoła Artystycznego Projektowania Ubioru, Szkoła Kreatywnej Fotografii, Szkoła Visual Merchandisingu, and Szkoła Choreografii.

Among the winners, the first price was assigned to Anna Szczygieł. The designer acquired the Diploma Show of the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design, SAPU Fashion School, with the collection “That’s The Way I Am”.
The lucky and talented performance in “That’s The Way I Am” captured immediately the jury, which included also the Fashion Event Management- professor Maria Cristina Rigano.

The fashion creator centered her committed focus on London Spirit- the city in which she lives and shapes her tasteful clothes and accessories.
London, among the capitals of Fashion thank to multiculturalism and its melting pot of styles could be seen as manifestation of rich personalities: from naughty Kate Moss, to the iconic Lady Di, passing though the restless queen of punk Vivienne Westwood.

In this way, the is almost possible to see Anna Szczygieł’s collection. The designer graduated as a result of the Talent Support scholarship program, which was created by Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design to support emerging artists.
Furthermore also LPP – the owner of the Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito, Sinsay brands – supported the SAPU diploma show, giving the talents of Polish fashion a possibility to let the world know their value.
Additionally, the company disposed the allocation of two financial rewards of PLN 1,500 each, accepted by the House award winner Aleksandra Filipowicz and the Mohito award winner Magdalena Rzepecka.

Proceeding with design awards, the he Media Council award chaired by Michał Zaczyński was awarded to Łukasz Kubiński, author of the Furniture Collection. The collection could be considered as an authentic and discreet homage towards people belonging to a wide range of sub-cultural groups. The designer received also an endowment from the show’s partner, the Ariadna thread factory.

The majority of the collections were set up in the spirit of sustainable fashion, as result in No Waste classes conducted as part of the learning program at SAPU. Before the actual show, during 1st and 2nd year semester, some shows took place in compliance with projects made of recycled materials.

In conclusion, the other primary dimension of the collections during the SAPU diploma displayed the increasing attention towards activities devised mostly during COVID-19 pandemic.
As to testify, predominantly, opportunity before difficulty and triumph of curiosity, resilience and adaptability over uncertainty.

Fanny Trivigno

Press release by Rafał Stanowski, Dyrektor PR, Krakowskie Szkoły Artystyczne 

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