Luxurious entertainment only?
Ditching Netflix for Gemflix, the private club not only for fashion lovers

Since the Lockdown has become basically a sort of “unwanted, smart-alecky guest”, the only comfort ready to be found every time is the marvelous world of Netflix with its tv series and movies that turned to be, unfortunately, tedious and monotonic. So, What about a little twinkle of freshness?

The solution may be easier than expected and not expensive at all. In the last weeks, some new bling took the scene on Zoom. It is called Gemflix and it seems already able to steal the show from the old granny, Netflix. Instead of series and films, the public eye and screen would be caught by the best jewelry experts worldwide.

They would be ready to answer to all possible questions regarding the Gems environment: from the history of their single parts to the timeless tales of craftsmanship which turned the pieces into a masterpiece.

Gem X, to be precise, was born as a private social club in New York around 2017. Its aim was to provide a sort of “sneak peek” behind the scenes of the jewelry industry through small tours around the actors of the studios; from artisans to action houses including museums.

Before the very beginning of the lockdown, famous brands like Cartier and Bvlgari were about to join the platform by launching a series of live events for the beginning of the spring.

As many successful business projects, Gem X was born from the perfect fit among passion, technology and an explosive desire for new challenges; its co-founder Heidi Kreamer-Garnett has been able to convert the forecast into a sense of community able to bring a little sparkle in every person who has a particular interest into precious ornaments.

The fortunate meeting between Kreamer-Garnett and her colleague Jamison, who helped her out bringing to life the Gem X idea, took place at the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in Manhattan: since that moment, one with a marketing background and the other with a finance foundation, they both saw the opportunity to enhance the jewelry visibility without stopping at their settled lovers.

When, unfortunately, the well-know Covid-19 forced the world into the lockdown, Gem X stepped out seeing a potential chance to invite jewelry experts in order to join and share their wide and priceless knowledge on a variety of topics connected to gems, their heritage and their value.

The broadcast was available every two weeks for members of the club or not. The club had the pleasure to guest the 30-eyers-old new jewelry genius Loren Teetelli from Loren Nicole. Starting from the university of Vermont with a focus on pre-Columbian art, she went on numerous digs from central to south America and she had the chance to investigate further in Peru. Since there, it has been a series of successful steps: from an internship with technician lab of the American Museum of Natural History to the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in order to shape even more deeply her style through the study of  gems and ancient ethnographic textiles in the America, Oceania and Africa collections.

The now based in Los Angeles artist demonstrated, during her live broadcast, her use of the ancient Greeks “goldsmithing techniques” which could be simplified as a sort of granulation, for non-experts, then, the club guested the jewelry historian and Sotheby’s auctioneer Amanda Triossi, who was able to catch everybody’s attention by introducing the topic of Italian Renaissance painting adapted on jewelry. They also guested the famous gemstone cutter Jean Noel-Soni.

Based in San Francisco, the brilliant artist pointed out on the most efficient techniques of gems cutting and the need of combine this ability with patience, wonder and research.

Furthermore, in order to bring also some relief to people who could not be part of the public row due to the advent of Covid-19, Gem X asked its viewers to make a contribution to various causes like for example No Kid hungry in US, Médecins sans Frontières and Gem Legacy which is in charge to raise money for supporting the miners in Tanzania during the virus crisis. In this way viewers have the chance to promote charity in their own way.

In the next weeks many more jewelers like Bvlgari, Cora Sheibani and Hemmerle have decide to join forces together; with the aim of not only display their unique and creative products but also to spread a sense of philanthropy and caring assistance worldwide.

We could be far, but empathy is still the best bling we may wear.

Fanny Trivigno


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