First Kim Jones Catwalk for Fendi Couture: A British emotional touch

How can a brand be capable of getting the best from the artistic directors it meets?

This is the main question, immediately following the most expected “Can the new collection respect all the expectations build up in months and months of work?”

Well, even if this issue may have a personal side, the first one has to respond directly to critics’ eyes and judgments.

Few days passed, and the results for the Maison Fendi did not disappoint the critics. The new Fendi Couture has seen the first catwalk by Kim Jones, English designer from Hammersmith. Even if this is the first female collection for the artist, he is no new to the fashion world; as a matter of fact, he’s been walking the runway for 10 years now and 3 years as the artistic direct for Dior Menswear. An impeccable contribution to the contemporary man, the classical cut of Monsieur Christian Dior found the visionary, romantic guideline of Jones since the first collection. But before Dior, Jones’ talent found fortune in the headquarters of Louis Vuitton. During his time at LV, the designer promoted a modish scenario where different background were integrated: it is the case of the most famous collaboration of the brand with Supreme in 2017. The collection, sold out in the shortest span of time possible, enriched the classical LV by proposing an urban, streetwear archetype, and the two brands became so symbiotic that LV contributed a lot to strengthen of Supreme reputation on the luxury market.

For what concerns the collaboration with the Maison Fendi, it seems to be a “personal voyage into the locations and around the Literature characters” of Kim’s youth.

Since the beginning of his artistic definition, the designer found an irresistible enchantment for old bookstores windows pane such as in Lewes, where Virginia Woolf’s pieces were harmonically disposed. In fact, more than a bohemian flashback, the Virginia Woof’s dreamlike and blissful contemplation has been one of the main creative incentive for the Fendi Couture show. The main focus of the season is connected with the “Orlando” by Virginia Woof and it represents the mutability of time though human attires as well as the fluctuation of life unexpected episodes.

As Jones’ indicates himself, the inspiration has been a long process and often came out as a teamwork “I wanted to look at different time periods of Fendi history, that’s why Orlando came up to me. I wanted to tribute also Karl Lagerfeld’s work through some feature echoes”– Kim Jones for Vogue Italia, January 2021

“A concrete research through time”, as many collaborators will define Kim Jones’ molding creation. As Aboah, model and friend describing “Every look reflects the personality of the person who is going to wear it. This is the real luxury in the Couture: the possibility to access a tailor-made offer” that suits the soul as well, we may add.

Fanny Trivigno