Cara Italia ti scrivo. Riflessioni sull’Italia che vorrei

24 maggio 2018 0 Di Giulia

L’Italia che vorrei”: in occasione della cerimonia di chiusura dell’anno accademico 2016-2017 gli studenti UNINT sono stati invitati a condividere le proprie riflessioni sull’Italia di oggi e di domani. Quello che segue è il discorso di una studentessa Erasmus dal Marocco pronunciato nell’ambito dell’iniziativa “Cara Italia ti scrivo. Riflessioni sull’Italia che vorrei”

Dear Italy, 

My name is Kaoutar Chahbane. I am a Moroccan student and I am writing to you on behalf of the Erasmus students. 
Three to four months ago, we came to Italy from different countries, different continents, and different parts of the world. In the time we spent here, we were fascinated by your historical buildings; each street and each building tells a story, stories of different civilizations, and stories of different people. 
In Italy, we met so many wonderful human beings, and made friends from all over the world. More importantly, we saw how nations, different as they are, or as we think they are, can have so many things in common, even if it is not shown. 
As for what we want to see different, what we want to change, we won’t just address you Italy, we will address the world. We consider ourselves global citizens, and so there are some basic aspects that we would love to change.
We , the global citizens, want clean well-structured streets.
We want organized well-functioning administrations.
We want people to have equal rights and chances, whatever their gender, religion or ethnicity. 
We want a country and a world in which other languages are respected, tolerated, and welcomed. 
We want to live in a country, in a world, where diversity is celebrated. We want to live in a world in which a Muslim, a Christian, a Jewish, a Hindu, an atheist can live next to one another, accept and respect each other.
We want a world without prejudice, or stereotypes, without violence or war. This can happen, we believe, if we, individuals, come together and decide to change. Erasmus, this university, and this kind of gathering show that bringing people of different cultures, languages, religions can work and it is much much powerful than anything else.
The Erasmus students, 
Thank you.